Assuming you're not a close friend or a member of my immediate family, reading this simply to double check that I am still alive or out of a sense of obligation, then you might be wondering what the hell this is all about. And not in a deep, philosophical, nature-of-the-universe manner - I don't think we're close enough for that sort of discussion yet - but more in a "what is this page and why should I care?" sort of way.

For those of you wondering about the badge - yes, it is official, and I have played with the Polar Bear Cheese Pirates from Outer Space. They're great.

Hello! My name is Stevie! I'm a 23-year-old graduate of Falmouth University with a degree in Creative Writing. Against all odds, I actually managed to get a steady job, which I have now resigned from in order to wander around Australia for a spell.

Now, you may be asking "What the fuck? Why did you decide to throw away a steady job and move 10,000 miles away with nothing lined up? Are you being deliberately nuts, or is it all accidental?"

And these are legitimate questions.

But here's the thing: I have a horrible, horrible habit of habits. I'll keep doing the same thing because it's easier than doing a new thing. And I'm aware of it! So, after a sudden, jarring change of plans around about October time 2016, I decided on doing something I'd dreamed about for a while - running away. I've got my bags, got my passport, got my towel, got some savings - what's stopping me?

And, because my ego is an attention-seeking little thing, I thought I'd tell the internet about it.

So yeah - expect words about things that I do. And some shorter words. Also some videos, too.

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