Thursday, 22 June 2017

Stevie goes exploring: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Still adorable mind.
Koalas are BASTARDS who just won't pose for the camera.
It's official I have been in more than one Australian state! I mean, that was true already, 'cos my plane landed in Queensland and I'm currently in New South Wales, but still - I've actually been there for something other than a minibus journey somewhere else. Why, you ask? To go and gawp at the animals at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Founded in 1947, the Wildlife Sanctuary is right on the south-east corner of Queensland - thankfully, Byron Bay is up near the North-East corner of New South Wales, so the car journey up there only took about an hour. The Wildlife Sanctuary itself is Currumbin's only heritage-listed site (thank you Wikipedia!)

First off, I've gotta warn you - it ain't the cheapest. Adult tickets are AU$49.95 on the door - so around thirty quid. Not going to bankrupt you, but a decent few meals' worth of cash. Add into the fact that there's a couple of giftshops too - hoo boy - and you might want to think about packing your own lunch rather than hitting one of the sanctuary's foodstands.

In terms of what you can see, there's tons - mammals, reptiles, birds, the lot. And koalas. There are a lot of koala enclosures. They give you the opportunity to have your photo taken holding one of the furry little buggers - but again, more cash, so I held off on that one.

There's also a miniature train that makes its way throughout the entire park, but alas it was not running on the day I was visiting. Not really sure why; could have been maintenance, could have been a rail strike, could have been leaves on the line. We may never know.

Make me a crocodile sandwich - and be quick about it!
Saltwater crocs!
I could spend a load of time going through information about all the creatures I saw, go over everything written on the handy educational plaques next to each enclosure - but I don't really think anyone wants that. You can find out that information on wikipedia if you're really interested. Hell, you can add visiting the park to your bucket list and go see it for yourself. I'd reccomend it.

What I can (and will do) is go on about all the things that I personally loved about the park, in no particular order:
Like a bat out of hell
I ain't afraid of no bat!

Ghost Bats
They're bats. They're awesome. Gotta have 'em on the list.

Didn't get any photos of the Dingoes because the proud bastards kept hiding in the corner of their enclosure and it was impossible to get a good shot.
I always jump at the easiest joke
This place is really HOPPING! I hate myself.
I've never actually seen a kangaroo in real life before this trip. I do hope to see them in the wild while I'm here, of course I do - they're an Australian icon, after all. But even seeing them in the sanctuary was amazing. There's also an option for feed them, with a machine that dispenses little cups full of kangaroo food - sadly, it required two-dollar coins, and I was short of change at the time. Ah well.

So yeah, Currumbin Wildlife park - it was pretty awesome. My one complaint is that the animals are so jaded to all the tourists taking photos of them that it's damn near impossible to get good photos. To prove that point, here's a picture of a Tasmanian Devil's backside.

Bum-bum BUUUUUM. Dramatic.
What an arse.


  1. Hoo boy!! That is one fine tasmanian devil. :p

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