Thursday, 8 June 2017

Stevie goes exploring: Arakwal National Park & Tallow Beach

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Not pictured: Cthulhu rising from the depths
Okay, I know I've only been here a week and a half, but I have already been to a butt-ton of totally awesome places that I want to rant and rave and generally make some noise about. And I will! Just . . . not all at once. I mean, I have other things I need to do today, yaknow? I was gonna go out and buy some doughnuts later. Can't really do that if I'm slaving behind a keyboard. With that in mind, here are two totally awesome places that I have visited so far - Arakwal National Park, and Tallow Beach!

Arakwal National Park
Okay, to be honest, I wandered into Arakwal on a whim. It was the nearest forest-y bit I could find, and it was only ten minutes from Uncle Alex's doorstep. Man, I do not regret wandering in though!

The whole park's pretty heavily forested, with lots of sandy paths criss-crossing their way around the place, with one central track rutted with tire marks running straight down the middle, starting from one of the little suburbs near Cape Byron, and ending backed up against the local high school. From personal experience, I would not recommend shoes with holes worn into them; you'll be picking sand out of your toes for three days afterwards. Also, be careful which track you choose to follow, as some of them are not particularly well marked and you can easily find yourself fighting through bushes and trees after a single misstep.

Wildlife-wise, you can't go more than two steps without hearing some kind of creature doing its creature-y thing - though whether or not you'll actually see it is a rather different matter. I got lucky - managed to snap a photo of this little bugger!
Shortly after this photo was taken, he tried to sell me my own watch.
Bastard refused to pose with the light at a better angle . . .
Tallow Beach
Now, I've got to be honest with you on this one - I was a little bit apprehensive. Mainly because my travel guide described Tallow Beach as "the place to flee the crowds", so I assumed it would be rammed - surprisingly, the travel guide was correct rather than just definitively inaccurate. The beach stretches for about seven kilometres, and I can't really describe it as anything other than bloody gorgeous. At some point I need to go back with a deck chair and a good book, and just while away the day while the waves rise and crash in front of me. My cynical British mind actually shut down for a few minutes when I first arrived, and I simply stood there with a daft look on my face taking it all in. Also, it quite neatly backs on to Arakwal, so it's a nice place to sit and relax after getting lost in the trees for an hour or so!

All in all, wonderful places to go if you're (like me) keen on avoiding human contact for extended periods of time, and like the smell of the Pacific.

I spent a good twenty minutes just standing with my toes in the water . . .
Have I made you jealous yet?


  1. Yes. Yes you have. I'm glad you're having a great time, I can picture you reading on a deck chair at the weekend :)

    1. Alas, it's meant to piss it down this weekend - else I definitely would!